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       In 2002, Chinese and American government developed a deep cooperation plan with regard to the energy area. Under the support of this plan, WFI (WaterFurnace) International set a manufacturing and operating base in Ningbo which is IMI-Shenglong (Ningbo) Machinery CO., LTD. 
       As the deputy directing committee member of ground source heat pump Commission , the Company with the core management idea of “devotional,  professional, detailed, contented” and based on the research, development and production of the design and application of ground-source system and construction research institutions system, have brought the Company the honor of international high-tech enterprises, top ten brands in ground source heat pump industry, engineering and technology center, the national standard drafting unit, brand-name products, government procurement of energy-saving environmental protection products and other awards.
      As a production and engineer base of 50Hz in the world, WFI china has many modern professional energy saving air-conditioner production lines, with the annual production-output of hundreds of millions USD.WFI has already built its sales service network in Zhejiang, Shandong, Beijing, Jiangsu and other markets as the center including over 20 commercial representatives and after service offices with over a hundred project technicians in core cities for all Chinese market. 
      With a good reputation and overall strength,WFI have many successful projects which cover 30 countries and districts in the world, including famous constructions such as Buckingham Palace and the U.S. President Texas Farm etc.In China,more than hundreds of governments,enterprises,villas use geothermal air conditioner system such as Olympic Sailboat Museum,Beijing Olympic Command Center, the Olympic Museum, Qingdao Electricity factory (first sea water electricity factory), Xi’an Haosheng·landscape villa group (the largest villa group in china so far), Shanshan group and Shanghai Pudong Boeing Hangar and so on. 
      Looking into the future, WFI China will keep steady and continuous development. By bringing in new model for energy management and risk investment combined with public raised capital, WFI China aims to take greater part of the geo-thermal air-conditioning market share and become stronger.
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